Flagship course

EOC Situational Awareness and
Common Operating Picture Course


This course addresses the fundamentals of Situational Awareness (SA) and Common Operating Picture (COP) for emergency management and includes detailed instruction covering concepts, theory, capabilities, tools, and techniques for achieving a more effective SA and COP system in support of emergency operations.

The course supports the Communications and Information Management component of the National Incident Management System (NIMS). Individuals and organizations at all levels of response have a responsibility to both contribute to and use reliable information as a part of incident response efforts.

Despite the importance of maintaining SA and COP for all types of incidents, there are few resources available for individuals and teams to improve their capabilities in this arena. This course is designed to build the SA/COP skills, knowledge, and capabilities of individuals, teams, and organizations involved in all-hazards, all-phases of emergency preparedness response and recovery.


Target Audience:

  • Emergency managers and responders

  • Federal, state, and local law enforcement

  • Public safety, fire, homeland security, and policy makers

IS-700 (recommended)

16 hours

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In addition to reviewing information theory and concepts, this course offers participants the tools, techniques, and structured processes necessary for establishing and maintaining an SA/COP system designed to facilitate and enhance critical decision-making within the EOC.

Upon course completion participants will be able to:

  • Explain the role of SA and COP in the Integrated Emergency Management System
  • Explain the five layers of the SA/COP system
  • Describe capabilities essential to SA/COP for the SA/COP system
  • Understand accepted criteria for assessing the effectiveness of participant EOC’s SA and COP systems
  • Explain the relationship between information and effective critical decision-making