Flagship course

EOC Coordination and Action Planning Playbook


The EOC Coordination and Action Planning Course was built to demonstrate the practical application of using “playbooks” to guide EOC staff in coordinating their respective efforts as a cohesive team while working through the steps of the planning ‘P.’  Following the playbook, the course provides a frame of reference for how an operational period unfolds and describes both ‘what’ and ‘how’ each EOC section contributes to the development of the EOC Action Plan.

Additionally, the course demonstrates the utility of other EOC best practices, including SA/COP tools, meeting agendas, standing objectives, and battle rhythms to name a few.  Finally, participants are provided a copy of the EOC Coordination and Action Planning Playbook for use in their own EOC.


Target Audience:

  • Emergency managers and responders assigned to EOC general staff positions within the Management Section

ICS 100
ICS 300

8 hours

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Prepare emergency management personnel assigned leadership roles in the EOC to function more effectively with EOC general staff positions as part of a high-functioning team capable of effectively and efficiently coordinating response support and EOC operations.

Upon course completion participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the application of a Planning ‘P’ playbook
  • Describe the phases, task, and activities making up an operational period
  • Coordinate EOC section workflow
  • Conduct cohesive action planning
  • Leave with a playbook