EOC/DOC Situational Awareness and Common Operating Picture

Regardless of the communication hardware being used within an emergency management organization, full communications interoperability cannot be achieved without standardized procedures, protocols, and formats to gather, analyze, synthesize, and disseminate incident information to support effective decision making. This 16-hour, classroom delivered, training course is designed to provide students with the procedures, protocols and tools to fully integrate the myriad of communications systems that currently reside in emergency operations centers and department operations centers into an effective workflow. Moreover, the course is designed to build the situational awareness and common operating picture (SA/COP) skills, knowledge, and capabilities of responders supporting all-hazards response operations in the field and operations centers. The training is a combination of lecture, hands-on activities, and culminates with an innovative emergency management game during which students are afforded the opportunity to apply the SA/COP principles and tools in a gaming environment.

Course Objectives

Upon course completion participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the procedures, protocols, and tools necessary to achieve full communications interoperability and information management
  2. Explain the role of SA/COP in the Integrated Emergency Management System
  3. Explain the five layers of the SA/COP system and how they facilitate the effective integration of communications technologies
  4. Describe the communications and information management capabilities required to implement an effective SA/COP system
  5. Understand how to evaluate an EOC’s communications operability and interoperability; and information management


ICS-100, ICS-200, IS 700

Attendees will receive SenseMakers’ SA/COP Toolkit as part of this instruction.