Products & Services

SenseMakers is a federally certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) providing a variety of products and services to both public and private sector clients.  Our specialty is in Homeland Security (HLS) related planning, training, and exercise support. Our clients include law enforcement, public safety, and emergency managers at all levels of government.

We primarily serve clients responsible for functioning in stressful, highly urgent and complex operational environments. These clients include the personnel who run Emergency Operations Centers (EOC), Departmental Operations Centers (DOC), and Fusion Centers.

SenseMakers’ motto is “Making Sense of Your World.”  To that end, our planning, training, and exercise services enable our clients to successfully navigate through the chaos, confusion, and friction that characterize the complex operational environments within which their centers much function.  The conceptual foundation to the SenseMakers approach is our recognition that all operations centers are fundamentally task-organized “Systems.”

The components of these systems include people, organization, facilities, processes, information, and leadership. Our clients look to SenseMakers to help them enhance their center’s information/intelligence capabilities and workflow processes. To this end, SenseMakers offers our clients a unique set of proprietary tools, techniques, and products as the centerpiece of our training, exercise, and planning services. Our Situational Awareness (SA) and Common Operating Picture (COP) toolkit addresses our clients’ information/intelligence related needs by putting in place the mechanisms necessary for facilitating a more effective decision-making environment.  Our coordination and planning “Playbook” provides our clients a blueprint for “mapping” out coordinated workflow and has been used effectively to re-design and re-tool major metropolitan EOCs.  Furthermore the Playbook is useful for illustrating the application of the tools, techniques and products in the SA/COP Toolkit.