Emergency Management

When disaster strikes, does your emergency management organization have the plans, policies, procedures and personnel to respond in a timely and efficient manner? Do your emergency operations center (EOC) responders understand their roles and responsibilities throughout the EOC action planning process? Moreover, do they have a playbook that guides their actions from activation to demobilization? If the answer to these questions is “no” or “not really,” our team of emergency management experts can assist.

SenseMakers’ Emergency Management Services focus on enhancing the ability of emergency operations centers, department operations centers and incident commands to communicate, coordinate, and share a common operating picture more effectively during emergency response operations. SenseMakers’ Emergency Management Services include developing emergency operations plans, EOC standard operations procedures and playbooks; delivery of EOC specific training, and the development and delivery of emergency management-focused tabletop, functional and full-scale exercises.

SenseMakers personnel have provided Emergency Management Services to numerous public and private sector clients in a wide variety of industries since 2001.